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good game.
I might jsut suck but is the game not getting harder and harder without me getting any new weapon or upgrade?
I mean, on the third floor, I am basically getting raped by everything there.

and killing one single enemy takes so many shots, they even respawn faster than I can kill them O_o

Also would be cool if the tutorial stuff would be somehow accessible again if needed.
like some menu button that jsut shows all the tutorial messages.

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There are 5 different weapons (or ammo types) designated by the different colour batteries you collect.

Switch between then using the right shoulder button, mouse wheel or num 1-5. 

My tip would be to stick mostly with yellow ammo (rockets) once you have it. 

Just beat the game.
very nice game, took me quite a while to finish :-)

It's cool, the gameplay is very smooth, and I love how there's no level, skills, stat progression, you just kill and don't die. I'm keeping it just to roam around even though I can't finish. Why don't I find the eighth fuel rod? Is it somewhere else than at a boss?

OK, I found it, I didn't even figure out the third boss room in the last map that is only accessible after clearing the other two rooms. It's not at all obvious.