Chapter Two Progress and Sales Data

Chapter Two Progress Update

Ahoy there! It's been a minute since my last post, huh. Life gets busy. This is just going to be a super quick post to update on progress of Chapter Two, and to spill the sales data that I promised I would provide back at launch. 

Chapter Two's coming along swimmingly and I'm still well on track to hit the promised "Coming in December 2022" timeline that I somewhat recklessly hardcoded into the Chapter One credits scroll. I guess I've been using that as a bit of a carrot-on-a-stick during C2 development, although I'm still taking my time to make sure that the next update is good, too!

Those of you that are keen may have seen a few cryptic GIFs that I posted to the Etad development Twitter megathread. Nothing massively spoilery, but if you want to go in completely fresh, maybe don't look? There's some static Chapter Two screenshots below as well, if you clicky on the section below:

Not massively spoilery Chapter Two screenshots

That Juicy Sales Data

It's been a... bit... more than a month since release now (actually ten weeks), so there's a lot of data to extrapolate from. I'll let you draw your own conclusions, but here's a screenshot of the "long tail" of sales on the itch dashboard, which excludes the first five days so that  you can roughly see the numbers:

Here's an off-the-top-of-my-head list of observations I'd like to make about the sales data:

  • I hit 700 sales this week. This whole ride has been above and beyond expectations and I'm ecstatic, so thank you!
  • I also had my first zero-sales day this week. The start of the true long tail? Well...
  • You see those peaks and troughs through October/early November? They absolutely coincide with Playdate units being shipped, judging by Discord, Twitter and the shipping tracking spreadsheet.
    • When units are being shipped and landing in folks' hands, I sell more copies. Duh, I guess. Usually results in spikes of >10 sales/day.
    • When shipping is in a lull like the the last two weeks, and that second week of October before Group 3 started (and after the initial Etad launch had died down), the sales are more like what I believe is the "true" long-tail. Fewer than 5/day on average. Maybe even fewer based on this last week.
  • Bear in mind that so far Etad has consistently been in the top 4 Most Popular and Top Selling on the Playdate tag.

But wait, there's more. For those of you that really want to dig in, I've been tracking my costs, sales, targets, rankings and other bullshit in a spreadsheet and you can have at it!

Until next month!

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